With spring just around the corner, I think I can speak for the most of us in that I’m so done with winter– from the burgundy lips, dreary weather, to the heavy parkas– it’s all been overdone. So with Easter also coming up, I’m using it as an excuse to don some lighter colours and fabrics, including on my nails (of course). If you aren’t talented/don’t have the patience for nail art (like me), Illamasqua has answered our prayers. Their new line of speckled polishes come in fresh new shades that are all equally beautiful (try picking a favourite, I couldn’t) and highly pigmented. They’ll have your nails looking like cute little mini eggs in no time and with minimal effort. Unfortunately, like most sparkly/speckley nail polishes, they chip easier and faster, so be sure to layer on a top coat. However, depending how you look at it, this can be a good thing (that way you can try all the shades!)! So tis’ the season for lightening up and festive looking nails.

–Anna Raponi and Julia Morin

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