I have a whole lot of really fine hair–which is fine, I find it quite easy to style. Unfortunately, when I step out of the shower, or if it has been a particularly windy day, my hair turns into a big matted knot. No matter how much conditioner, or if I have just brushed my hair, it is tangly.

Even though I apply an oil to my ends, this does not smooth and untangle my hair by itself. Enter, Aveda’s Brilliant spray. I spray a cloud of this ALL over my head (don’t worry, it’s weightless and not greasy or sticky at all and has a pretty scent), leave my hair for a few minutes, and it makes my blow-dry so much easier. After a spraying and waiting, I run my fingers though my hair for detangling (don’t brush out your wet hair!) and let it air dry until I’m reading for the blowdryer.

This miracle spray not only detangles, but helps protect your hair against damaging heat and UV rays. You can also spray this on dry hair for a bit of hair sunscreen and a bit of shine.

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