SODIUMPCAKIEHLS1Since I’ve been using Tactuo (a prescribed medicated acne-fighting gel), I noticed that even my oily skin was becoming combination-y, which, in my opinion, was causing scarring from my breakouts and frustrating foundation applications. So I figured, to counteract the dryness of the Tactuo but keep my face matte, I needed a day cream that would give sufficient moisture and control oil throughout the day. I visited the trusty staff at my local Kiehl’s and asked them for guidance. They recommended the Sodium PCA “Oil-Free” Moisturizer (by the way, can anyone tell me while the oil-free is in quotations?). I’ve been using this stuff for almost 9 months now–it’s a great all year round moisturizer– nourishing enough for the dry winter months, but not too rich for summer time. I always apply this right before I put on foundation, it makes it go on soo smoothly. For the most part, I no longer get dry patches, but for the odd days where I go a bit crazy on my zits (hello salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil!), I need to bring in the bigger guns. Like most Kiehl’s products, it’s seems to last forever (which is great unless you are obsessed with trying new products, ahem, which I am guilty of). Anyone with normal, combination or oily skin will love this, however I don’t think it’s strong enough for dry skin.



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