BURTSANDTHEBEESI received the Naturally Nourishing Lotion in a Glossy Box– I’m not sure if it’s a full size, but it’s definitely a huge sample. It smells of milk and honey, which may just be the most calming smell ever. The formula is not greasy, but it takes a few seconds to soak up– however considering it’s a body lotion, this is normal. I only use this lotion on my hands (probably because I could use the entire bottle in one go) and for the moment, it’s beat out all of my super intense winter hand salves. Now that I think of it, this one would be great for the men in our lives who freak out (ie. wipe their hands on towels, clothes, and then end up rinsing their hands) when they’re left with the greasy residue of most hand creams (after forcing them to even apply it). And, let’s be honest, while I don’t mind the extra oils, I’m gonna have to agree with the guys on this one.

Next up, the Cuticle Creme. My mom has been using this stuff for ages, so one day I snagged a jar from her bathroom because I liked the smell– the lemonade fragrance is like summertime on your nails (but it doesn’t sting in that lemon-y way). It’s a hard wax, so you swirl your finger in it to warm it up then apply to any rough cuticles. I love that it’s solid, because it’s so easy to carry around with you ie. it won’t explode in your bag (it’s happened to all of us). Usually cuticle oils are more intensive, they’re just so frustrating for me– they always end up on my face or in my hair, which leads to me washing my hands (completely counterproductive). So I what I look for in a cuticle fixer is fast absorbing, but moisturizing results, and that’s why this one is great.

–Anna Raponi

Small illustrations are by Jean-Jacques Sempé from Le Petit Nicolas

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