BBCURLINGCREMEAnyone with curly hair knows that “crunchy” feeling when the product makes your curls really stringy and almost hard. It not quite the bouncy and shiny curls that straight-haired girls assume come naturally to us. I can get away without using products, but I feel like a little oil and a little anti-frizz/curl enhancer just makes the my hair shiner and the curls more ‘predictable’ (more ringlet-y and less… what’s the word, squiggly?). Most of these products control the frizz pretty well, however alot of them leave me with unruly and crunchy (also squiggly) hair. While most people would just accept that no product can do the trick without the crunch, I, without much effort actually, found the answer; Bumble and bumble’s Curl Conscious Calming Creme. I run a dime-sized amount of this magic through my roots to the ends with my fingers, crunching the hair at the bottom for volume. Watch as your hair dries into shiny, defined, but soft curls– this stuff is amazing. My friend even said that it looked like I had it professionally blow-dried, it’s that good.

–Anna Raponi

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