Ever since receiving this kit from Dior, I had been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to use it–I’m not really one for nail art myself, preferring colours sans glitter these days.

Once a month, my friends and I have a sleepover–my husband leaves the house and we eat lots of junk food, watch a classic movie (i.e. Mean Girls, Clueless, most recently, Bend It Like Beckham, etc.) and we gossip. So, what could be a better way to use my kit than push it on my friends?

Luckily, Kirsten and Julie were happy to be haute-couture nail art subjects. Julie needed something a little more low-key since she is technically not allowed to wear nail polish at work (she is a nurse), while Kirsten gave me permission to go all out. And so, I did.

The kit comes stocked with two sets of stencils (stars and clovers), a full-size gel top coat, a smaller sized Chrome (dark grey polish with silver shimmer), a pair of tweezers and a sticky pad full of Swarovski crystals.

Julie originally chose to go with a base of Chrome, followed by red stars (with Tout Paris) on her fourth fingers. But for some reason, the stars would just not work. Every time I peeled off the stencil, the polish would come with it. After two attempts, we decided to give up and I created a little cluster of crystals instead to cover up the indents left by the stencils.

Kirsten chose a base of Reflects, then Night Shock stars with a smattering of crystals. I’m not sure why, but the stencils were much easier to use on her (maybe the chemistry of the polishes are different?). The stencils are slightly sticky–this is where the tweezers start to come in handy. I applied to light coats of NS over the stencil, and then let them dry for a good 10 minutes. I peeled off the stencils in a circular motion (following the points of the stars) very carefully using the tweezers. The crystals actually have a bit of glue on them already, so no need for any additional adhesive, but again, use the tweezers for application, they will make your life easier.

Overall, the girls loved their nails! We named Kirsten’s nails the Ghetto Fabulous manicure, and she loved doing Spirit Fingers the rest of the night. Kirsten even texted me the next day with some feedback on her glam manicure:

“Update of the nail sitch for your blog: the crystals are super fun the wear and make you feel glam. But they are not shower friendly. They get stuck in your hair…I’ve already lost 5.

I think if you put all of them on one or two fingers you’d be better able to avoid getting them stuck on things.”

There you have it. Fancy, but high maintenance.

photo 2 photo 3

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