Isn’t it annoying how you can’t buy all your favourite beauty products in one place? Shoppers Drug Mart for this, Sephora for that, Holt Renfrew for everything else. It’s a total pain.

A new app is aiming to revolutionize the way you shop for beauty products. Stash tracks how far along you are into using your product, and places items in your basket once you’ve run out automatically (and also groups them together to avoid frequent shipping).

The ingenious app also keeps track of the products across the market and on magazines and blogs, providing you with the lowest-priced option to help save you money as well as the most current and trusted reviews and opinions.

There is also a social component to the app, where you can view what your Facebook friends are using (and also privacy settings for those who don’t want to reveal their beauty secrets).

The only effort required of you is a quick scan of your products’ barcodes to log them in, then from there the app takes over. Now you’ll never forget to pick up that bottle of Crealine and experience any more panic attacks when you need to remove all that mascara that has run down your face post-shower.

At the moment, this app is only available in continental US, but if it is a success, Stash hopes to expand to Canada. Here’s hoping!


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