As promised, here for you a have a small sampling of Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection, États Poétiques. As I mentioned before, Chanel’s Fall is all about innocence with a heart of darkness–all shades of pink punctuated with plums and navy.

What excited me the most when I received my package (more than just receiving packages in general), was the nail polish–as you know, I adore Chanel polishes–I think they are top notch when it comes to colours and I am a sucker for the packaging.

I received two of the three from the upcoming collection, Secret and Orage, a milky peachy-pink and a dark grey/navy mix.

Since it is still summer, I tried on Secret first–I assumed it would be a normal French manicure colour (and actually identical to my Tom Ford Sugar Dune), but I was mistaken. It’s quite opaque and finishes as a slightly brighter peachy-pink, which gives a really clean, elegant, polished look, while being more interesting than the usual light flesh tone. This one grows on me every time I use it. As for application, it goes on a bit streaky at first, but as a second coat is applied, it settles into a smooth finish. Regardless of the season, I think this would be a great shade to have in your polish wardrobe.

Orage is actually a complex little gem–when I first glanced at it, I thought it was just a charcoal grey, but when I looked at it a second time, I realized that there is quite a lot of dark blue in it, which made me love it even more. Once applied, it takes on more of a dark navy tone, looking more grey in some lights. Obsessed. This will be my Fall shade of the season.

The Écriture de Chanel eyeliner pen is not a new item, however the formula has been updated and the applicator has been changed, and it makes drawing on a cat-eye or flick a breeze. The felt tip is quite wet and saturated, allowing one-coat to do the trick.

Hésitation, a sort of browny-reddish shade (sort of like a red wine, reminds me of MAC’s Capricious lipstick) with a slight shimmer, applies quite sheerly, but could be easily built up. I was sort of, pardon the pun, hesitant, about this shade, worrying it might make me look scary, but this is quite wearable either for everyday or on a night out. It is quite a powdery texture, but that makes it quite easy to blend.

Winners all around! Well done Chanel! However, if you’re looking to splurge on only one item from the new collection, I would go for one of the nail polishes, they’re beautiful!

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