Yes, this is yet another post about hair from my end. I know, I know. It’s the weirdest thing, I used to literally put no effort into my hair and now it is the longest and most tedious part of my routine. That being said, the extra heat styling on my hair lately has definitely taken it’s toll– my hair feels drier, my split ends seemed to be extra obvious (which lead to an emergency haircut), and while I’m not sure if this is related, my hair was getting really frizzy lately. Not a nice combo! I knew I needed to take action ASAP to get some more moisture into my hair, and thought that my shampoo was probably a good place to start.

Now, in comes Kerastase’s Bain Nutri-Thermique. This is catered towards sensitized (I assumed by heat styling?), dry hair in need of some serious nourishment. I love any shampoo that makes my hair super soft and detangled in the shower, so this stuff found a little place in my heart quite easily. When used with heat-styling tools, the nourishment is actually then activated to condition the fibres. My hair feels stronger when I’m brushing and styling (less pulling) and I even noticed less frizz. My hair is significantly softer and healthier looking and feeling. Overall, this product is a necessity for anyone who heat-styles their hair on a day to day basis, or even for anyone who just wants really, really soft hair.

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