All-natural polish brand, Julep, has created a new brush that could take your less-than-perfect at-home manis to a professional looking finish.

The brush is the length of a pen, with a bendable joint (inspired by the movements of ballerinas) that allows for more stability and comfort, especially when painting with your non-dominant hand. The brush can be used completely straight, or folded to allow for it to rest of your hand.

There are also three accessories available for the new brush: and advanced precision brush, a striping brush and a dotting tool.

The Plié Wand can be used in conjuction with all Julep polishes, but I really don’t see why you couldn’t use it with polishes from any other brand–the length of the stem and brush themselves seem long enough that they could reach into most bottles.

Watch below for a tutorial on using the new wand it’s accessories:


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