From top to bottom: London Posh (with shimmer), Cannes Crush, LA Exclusive and Rio Rush

Now as you know, I’m not usually one for drugstore makeup–I don’t find that the colours usually work on me or last as long–but these little guys are winners (plus I love the chic packaging).

A hybrid of a balm, gloss and stain, these guys come in 12 different shades, some with shimmer, some without.

On application, these feel super hydrating and cushiony like a balm (which I love); not at all sticky or goopy. Colour is evenly dispersed across the lips and over time, the gloss fades away and leaves an even, pretty stain. I was surprised at the level of coverage–I have pretty pigmented lips and can’t often pull off lighter or translucent pink shades, but these really worked.

They kind of reminded me of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis, but these are definitely thicker (easier to control, I would argue) and substantially more hydrating.

The only thing I didn’t really like about these was that they had a kind of weird scent when you first pull the wand out of the tube, but it soon disappears. Maybe Revlon could work on adding a nice fragrance?

Personally, shade-wise, I’m more of a fan of Cannes, LA and Rio, only because London contains a shimmer (I just don’t like shimmer generally in my lip products). However, all of these shades would be great for summer for bright, low-maintenance punches of colour.

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