June is only a few weeks away, and I’m sure that Father’s Day must be at the back of your minds. I, personally, never know what to get my Dad, he truly is the man that has everything, and what he doesn’t have, he’ll get it for himself.

But what guy doesn’t need some soap? After all, everyone needs to bathe. So why not upgrade his showers a bit with some great smelling products?

Clark & James is a new branch of Montreal brand, Dot & Lil, who make handcrafted face and body products. The C&J line is for men and includes shaving cream, after-shave serum and hand and body soaps.

The line inspired by two different gentlemen of the past, Clark Gable and James Stewart, whose personalities are infused into the scents of the soaps. Clark was a bachelor (he insipired the Garçonnière soap), and his fragrance smells of sophistication and gin & tonics with notes of juniper, rosemary and ginger. James was an outdoorsy man (Lake House Scent), and his soap smells of a cottage in the middle of a forest, infused with cedarwood, juniper and lemongrass. I picked this scent for my husband (in his mind he is a lumberjack) and he immediately fell in love with it’s woody, fresh scent and the creamy lather.

If you really want to impress dad, you can pick up one of the shaving sets for $125 which includes a bag, shave soap, a razor and a premium horsehair shaving brush.

Both Clark & James and Dot & Lil are available at select retailers across the country and online.


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