You might remember a few months ago that I wrote about mixing my tinted moisturizer with highlighter. This post is along the same vein–mixing my base colour with a luminizer=diffused imperfections and more radiant and awake looking skin.

As you can see, when I swatched the Fluid Sheer #13, the shimmer was nearly impossible to pick up on camera (read: you will not look like a disco ball if you don’t use too much of it, also, sorry for my little hand hairs). All I need is one drop for a glowing (but not too glowing) complexion. I definitely wouldn’t just apply this all over my face alone or before foundation. Mixing in a small amount is best.

However, you could also just dot this champagne-coloured shimmer along your cheekbones and on your eyelids for some extra sparkle.

You might also remember, that a while ago I talked about Armani’s lipsticks and getting my makeup done by one of their makeup artists. When I asked my artist what her favourite product in the entire makeup line was, she said that it was without a doubt the Fluid Sheer, stating that you could really give skin that unreal, plastic look.

Now I’m not a mean girl and I don’t want to go into plastic territory, but damn does this make my skin look beautiful.

In comparison to the High Beam: FS is thinner, more frosty and silver-toned (while FS is a warmer, light gold tone), and probably slightly more pigmented. The bottle is quite a bit smaller than the FS as well.

While shade #13 is limited edition for Spring (get it while you still can), there are 12 other beautiful colours in the range, making it suitable for any skin tone.


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