I am a girl with a runny nose. All year, any season. It’s who I am. Therefore, I always have redness around my nose, and my lazy ways make me unable to apply extra concealer after having already applied my tinted moisturizer and undereye concealer. Prioritities, people.

So, this new green primer from Make Up For Ever has been pretty nice in that the green tones helps to counter any redness on my face, whether from rubbing my nose, and any breakouts or pink areas (making it ideal for those with rosacea) that just come about from being ghostly pale.

I’m sure you all probably thinking, but will it actually make my face green? No (you won’t look like Maleficent). It won’t. The lightweight creamy-like liquid comes out green, yes, but once smoothed over the face, the greenness is gone. I actually really like the texture of this primer–it’s not heavy, oily or siliconey in the least, but still glides over the skin to create a smooth base. It feels kind of like applying a protective coating to skin.

In addition to the green (and original transparent formula), there are five new shades to the primer line up, all made to tackle different skin issues.

  • Mauve: counteracts sallow undertones
  • Caramel: combats ashiness in medium to dark skin, tones/warms golden tones
  • Blue: adds radiance to fair skin, reduces minor imperfections
  • Yellow: lightens dark complexions
  • Pink: brightens the complexion, counteracts sallow undertones


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