This one is for all of you out there that don’t wear sunscreen because you’re scared of breaking out.

I have found your solution.

Not only does Elta MD’s Clear Sunscreen for Breakout-Prone Skin hydrate, but it also protects (SPF), calms skin, fades scarring and prevents breakouts (!!!) with the help of niacinamide (anti-inflammatory) and lactic acid (exfoliating AHA).

It’s a silky white cream that leaves no white residue behind. It completely absorbs into skin without leaving a greasy layer, a sunscreen smell, or pilling (my enemy no.1). Truly weightless and does not leave the feeling of wearing a sunscreen whatsoever. Really, the best sunscreen I have ever used (I know, I said it).

This cream uses the magic of zinc oxide to create a physical barrier from the sun, instead of chemical (which can irritate some sensitive skins or cause breakouts).

A must have for summer in my books.

EltaMD can be found at One to One Studio in Toronto. To find Elta MD at a location near you, complete BeautyNext’s store locator form.


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