About a month ago, I was starting to get really frustrated with my morning routine–waking up at 6:25am every morning, rushing to make the 7:15 train was really getting tiresome. I was constantly in a panic, but not willing to sacrifice any more sleep either. I started to think about what was really causing me to be running late in my routine, and it was turning out to be my eye makeup–my mascara in particular.

It’s not like I was doing any crazy makeup–but I was working hard to create a fuller lashline, which means eyeliner and lots of mascara. Unfortunately for me, I’m not so adept with a mascara wand while bleary-eyed and contact-lens-less, so that meant that while I was trying and failing to bulk up my lashes, I was getting mascara on my eyelids. Then, on my walk to work, with the cold winter wind, my mascara would smudge from my watery eyes. Time for a change, no?
I started snooping around the internet, and remembered last summer that someone had recommended I get lash extensions for my wedding/honeymoon—they wouldn’t run like mascara if I cried at my ceremony, and I had the promise of waking up looking like a Disney princess every day and not sweating off my mascara in Italy’s hot sun. I didn’t end up doing it because I was too nervous of trying something new right before my wedding, but now I’m not sure why I waited so long. It has really cut down my getting-ready process in the mornings–all I need is some tinted moisturizer, powder and blush and I’m ready to go. 
Through my research, I found a small boutique in Oakville, ForeverJac. Of course I wanted to know everything about eyelash extensions, so I talked to Chantal Juman, the manager and senior stylist of ForeverJac Eyelash Boutique and Brow Bar

After my consultation with Chantal, it was determined that we would start smaller with their ‘Sophisticated’ set (45 lashes per eye), with their LashCoat applied to the bottom lashes. Then, if I desired more lashes after that, I could always come in for a fill to add more fullness. I came back about a week later to add some more lashes (basically moved up to their ‘Bombshell’ set), and was so happy with the results! My eyes popped and I had shaved ten minutes off my morning routine. 

The application itself is quite relaxing–you like down on a bed with your eyes closed while the lash stylist flutters around applying the lashes. My lash stylist, Dianne, made sure to really achieve what I wanted: fullness over length, and she adjusted the lashes to suit my eye shape. 

Chantal has graciously answered all of my questions about eyelash extensions–from knowing if they suit your lifestyle to caring for them. Be sure to visit their boutique for passionate lash stylists and great lashes and brows!


How do girls know if lash extensions are right for them?
If you find your morning makeup routine takes up too much time, if you hate having mascara running  or smudging half way through the day, if you absolutely adore long luscious lashes …then eyelash extensions are the perfect quick fix for you. They add fullness and length along with a customized style to suit your personality and eye shape. They enhance the entire face just by opening up the eyes. This feature really adds more flirt to your everyday look and from experience, boosts your confidence up a level! As far as contraindications go, you really just need to make sure your own lashes are strong and healthy enough to support eyelash extensions. This, along with which extensions {curl, thickness, and lengths} are all determined within your consultation prior to your treatment.
Who are they good for?
Eyelash extensions have come a long way, from what was known as “strips” to “flares” to now “individual”. At ForeverJac we only apply the individual extensions, giving us freedom to create any look you desire. This flexibility allows them to be suitable for any person at any age!
What kind of lifestyle do they suit?
Eyelash extensions are actually great for any and every lifestyle! I mean, there are do’s and don’ts that could potentially shorten the life span of them, {ie. swimming, oil-based products, and applying and removing mascara}. That being said, we have a Lash Membership which provides clients with unlimited lashes for {1, 2, or 3 months} in which they are then able to continue their regular lifestyle without having to worry about compromising their extensions! Lashes can become an expensive upkeep, taking advantage of our memberships and our Lash Bank Stamp System definitely helps to keep everything in perspective. It has been said, “The best things in life are free, the second best things are expensive”.
What should girls do before heading into their appointment?
Find out what type of look you are going for {remember, we always have a consultation prior to the treatment with our clients}. Some of the questions you should think about touch on if you are looking for subtle and natural look, or perhaps something more bold and dramatic. Think of yourself wearing these lash extensions on a day-to-day basis, this way you can paint a picture for your stylist to work with.
Making sure you are fresh-faced prior to the appointment is also key! So.. Come without eye makeup on, and make sure if you wore any strip lashes the night before to really get that glue off! Another very important step is to please remove any contact lenses prior to your treatment. If you forget your lens case, don’t worry; we’ve got some cute Anna Sui cases along with solution.

Should girls prepare and strengthen their lashes first with serums like Latisse, or Rapidlash?
We definitely recommend a serum! It is so important to keep your lashes healthy, especially if you plan to wear extensions for a lengthy time period. There are many brands that work well, however we prefer LiLash, the results speak for themselves! We use the serums during our {breaks} every few months; some of us even use the LiLash while we have extensions on. It does contain ingredients that can weaken the bond of the lashes & cause them to fall a little sooner than expected, so be very precise when applying onto the lash line.
What should we do to take care of them?
We provide all our clients with a little homecare kit for maintaining the lashes and remembering your aftercare do’s and don’ts. You want to avoid getting them wet for 48 hours; that means no sappy movies and no dancing in the rain! After the 48 hours, you want to avoid saunas, steam rooms, facials, and pretty much anything of that nature. Also making sure to avoid all oil-based products such as removers & creams around the eyelids. Mascara is usually not necessary, but for an extra pop look on your night out, we have a {black} lash sealant, which moisturizes the lash bonds extending the life span of the extensions!

How often is maintenance required? How much does it cost?You will most likely need a lash re-fill about 3-4 weeks after your initial set. Depending on how well you are taking care of them, some people can last more than a month without a re-fill while others come on a weekly basis for “Just a little”. We have three different re-fill sets; the “In & out” which is 40 lashes total at the cost of $44.00, the “Fill me up” which is 60 lashes total at the cost of $66.00, and “Just a little” which is priced per lash at the cost of $1.50.

What is the difference between a good application and a bad, cheap one? Why should girls invest money into this?People should be complimenting your lashes; second-guessing if they are yours or not! If they can automatically say, “wow, those strip eyelashes are intense” or “I wonder where she got those bad boys put on” there is a good chance that person had a very bad application. The right application requires a certain amount of experience and skill. Each individual eyelash extension should be carefully placed onto an isolated natural lash, one by one. The extension should be placed 1mm away from the lash line so the adhesive is not touching the skin to prevent irritation. This also gives them a very realistic look as there is just enough adhesive for the lash to adhere but not enough to see where the lash is  bonded. Applying more than one extension onto a natural lash is never okay as the weight is more than the natural lash can handle and will weaken the follicle, causing the natural ash to fall and break.

Ladies, you should definitely do your research and know that cheapness can cost you dearly. Eyelash extensions are pricy on their own, however, its not just the product you are paying for, but the correct application and confidence in knowing your natural lashes will not be harmed in the process.

Do we need to learn how to sleep on our back? Do eyelashes get wonky? If so, how can we fix them?If you are able to sleep on your back, more power to you! That is definitely helpful in keeping your eyelash extensions intact and even on both sides. You may find that you lose more lashes on one eye opposed to the other because your face is mushed into your pillow! We have {Morning Glamour} satin pillowcases at our boutique that help to keep your eyelashes intact, brow hairs from rubbing off, superficial fine lines under control, and hair silky smooth. The silk pillowcase is a great alternative as it is gentle on your lashes & helps them to lightly glide while you sleep. We also carry eye masks with built in pockets for your lashes to fit into! Eyelashes can definitely get wonky, natural or extensions. Brushing the extensions with the complimentary brush we provide to you will help to straighten the wonkiness out!

What colours do the lashes come in? Do they suit all complexions/hair colours? Are they ok for girls with allergies like ragweed, etc?
At FJ we only carry black eyelash extensions; they definitely suit all complexions and hair colours. If someone prefers not to have the extensions too bold & black, we apply a finer lash, which looks a little lighter and most natural.If we have a client who does have allergies, we do a patch test of one lash per eye and ask them to return the day after to see if an allergic reaction developed.

Does it damage or weaken lashes?
If the eyelash extensions are too heavy for the eyelashes, or not separated properly, there is a great possibility that it will damage the natural lash. Other than that, the extension will not harm or damage your natural lashes.

Are there different lash lengths available?
Absolutely! We carry a range of lengths from 7mm-15mm and use about 4-5 lengths per one application.

What is the difference between real mink lashes and synthetic mink lashes?
Real mink is a lot finer & similar to your own natural lash. They are perfect for a natural look. Silk mink, is more for someone who is looking for a more dramatic look, they are thicker and darker than the real mink.  Silk mink lashes are safe for someone who has allergies to cats, dogs, etc.

What products do girls need to take care of their extensions? (i.e. any specific makeup products we should use? makeup removers? etc.)

We carry all the eyelash extension-safe products that you will need to keep your extensions looking fierce. Some of the key things to purchase would be: an oil-free makeup remover, water-based liquid eyeliner, and extension sealant. We provide you with a brush & an aftercare card with the do’s and don’ts.

Visit Chantal and her amazing team at:
6 Lakeshore Road West
Oakville, Ontario

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