Contouring and highlighting is the step in our makeup routine that you didn’t know you needed until you tried it. Done right, it instantly chisels the face to make your cheekbones appear a little higher and your face a little thinner. That being said, “done right” isn’t always so easy– a contouring shade isn’t always a product you have lying around (ahem, NOT your summertime bronzer). Because this diffused line of contour crosses your cheek, unlike bronzer which can be really blended out across the cheek, finding a colour that is both dark enough to make a difference but cool toned enough to look natural is crucial. In terms of highlighters, I’ve yet to see as pretty a product on the face as a cream product.

So, once apon a Sunday afternoon, I was reorganizing some storage boxes in my room, coming across MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot. The iridescence of the creamy-pink shade is SO stunning. It was a shame, however, because I don’t wear such light shades on my eyes anymore. I put it aside, nonethelesss, because you never know. And so I continued, re-boxing and such and I came across Camel Coat, a beige-y gray shade that was such a great basic. This, my friends, was fate in the works, as a genius idea then struck me. These colours are the PERFECT tones for highlighting and contouring!! And so, the duo was born.

Ok, so dramatic bullshit aside (i.e. my story), the placement of your products is key in any highlight and contour. Amanda did an awesome video to map it all out, but here’s my basic rundown: Contour colour goes under the cheek bones, along the jawline, and tops of forehead and highlight shade goes on the tops of the cheekbones, under eyebrow arches, bridge of nose, cupids bow, inner corners of the eyes and centre of the chin. Blend it all out, and you should be looking illuminated and at least 5x more supermodel.

–Anna Raponi

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