I am, along with many of you, doing my best to be educated about the products I use, and incorporate more natural alternatives where I can. After all, things that are applied to the skin do get absorbed into the bloodstream in some way or another (scary, right?).

Plus, the products we rinse down the drain regularly goes into our waterways and eco-system. Have you heard about New York banning any products with microbeads? It’s real–those little exfoliating wonders are showing up in our Lakes.

I’ve written before about what ingredients I’m wary about when I’m researching a product I’m thinking of buying, and I do my best to avoid the main no-no’s: mineral oil, silicones, parabens/preservatives and sulfates.

In tune with this week’s Earth Day, Weleda is offering you the chance to win their Haircare Collection! Now is a great time to re-assess what you’re using, become more aware of the ingredients and more concious about how it affects your surroundings.

Oats are hydrating and soothing–remember when you had chicken pocks and you would lie in that oatmeal bath for relief? So, really, why not apply this natural ingredient to your hair and take the #WeledaHairDare?

Fill out the form below for your chance to win their Oat Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment, as well as the Wheat Shampoo, Millet Shampoo and the Rosemary Hair Oil! Contest closes next Thursday, May 1st and midnight. Approximate value of $75 CAD.

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