You know how I’m always going on about my chin breakouts being hormonal? Ever wonder how I know I they’re hormonal?

Face mapping is real (even if it sounds fake to you). It’s a combination of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Breakouts appear on different parts of your face for a reason, not just by chance. Your face is talking to you! So diagnose your breakouts and see what needs fixing.

Just by looking at where pimples are showing up, you can determine if you might be getting sick, if the air around you is dirty or if certain foods don’t agree with you. It could also help determine any underlying health problems that you might have ignored ordinarily. This little guide will help you determine what could be causing your acne which in turn can help you prevent pimples from forming.

Forehead: Sleep, Stress & Digestion
Get your beauty sleep! Remember that 8 hours is ideal for you to function properly. Sleep doesn’t just affect your brain, it affects your skin too.

Between the Brows: Diet
Take a look at your diet lately. Are you eating too many french fries? Too much cheese? Maybe having one too many glasses of wine? This is definitely where a pimple or two shows up for me if I’ve had a bit too much to drink the night before.

Chin: Hormones
My favourite (not) section of all. If your time of the month is coming up (or you’re ovulating), this is just where some lovely breakouts happen. The sides of the chin are where you will get the most pimples, and the most painful ones too as there are two veins there.  This is also a good place to keep an eye on if you think your hormones might be out of whack.

Cheeks: Respiratory & Pollution
If you live in a smoggy city, or are around smokers a lot, this is where you’re going to see the effects. Also, it could be from that dirty iPhone that you’re squishing into your face every time you get a phone call.

Nose: Heart
This area receives breakouts if your blood pressure ior Vitamin B levels are low. Try to get lots of omegas and cut down on spicy food and meats.

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