I’m already a fan of Dior’s Airflash Foundation (I used it on my wedding day), so I was pretty excited to try out these two products. The idea of both of these products blew my mind–Dior is so innovative–I mean, a sprayable primer? and a sprayable powder? What?
These are really the first of their kind.
Airflash CC Primer: This is a super light, weightless primer that you sprays on as a colourless, ever-so-slightly tacky base. This is not your heavy, silicone-y primer that feels as if you are spackling every crevice of your face. This is for someone who wants their makeup to apply smoothly and stay longer. I like to spray a little extra over my problems areas (chin/anywhere with pimples) and dab it in with my fingers. I’m really loving it so far–it’s hydrating (contains hyaluronic acid) and leaves skin looking fresh while also blurring slight imperfections . The formula is quite easy to spray (I do a quick Z-motion across the face) and it is suitable for any skin tone.
Airflash Matte Touch: Now this one is pretty freakin’ cool. This spray creates a super lightweight mist of powder to set, even and mattify makeup. I was initially kind of skeptical of this–how could a liquid mist do this with no brush? But it does (I tried it for the first time in the car before an appointment and now I want to keep it in my purse always for touchups). The clay infused formula absorbs oil and leaves a matte, velvety texture.
This spray would be great if you’re having a lazy day and don’t feel like applying foundation. A quick spray of this stuff will give you a more even complexion.
It does come in one universal shade, and I’d be interested to try this on darker skin tones. It comes out as a beige-y fluid that while is certainly darker than my über-fair complexion, doesn’t appear so once applied. Also, be sure to use this one before applying any eye makeup unless you want your lashes dusted. Though, if you forget, not to worry, mascara can go right over top without clumping.

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