Anna and I had the privilege to attend an event last month launching the newest innovation from Clarins, the Golden Glow Booster. The liquid essentially creates a “made-to-measure” self tan, which means that whether you are super pale (like me), or already have some colour in your skin, you can make it look as if you just came back from St. Barth’s, and still look natural.

All you need to do is mix in 1-3 drops of the booster into any moisturizer/oil/gel/lotion once a day (which means you can keep all of the benefits of your current hydrator while getting your J.Lo glow on). It was recommended that for fairer complexions, that you start with 1 drop per day until you have a good base colour. Slowly increasing the amount drops creates a believable and buidable tan, and once you have achieved your desired colour, you can switch to every other day for maintenance.

While this little wonder does contain DHA, it doesn’t have that gross smell that many other self-tanners carry. Since this is a product that will make you tan gradually, pale girls don’t need to fear the sudden fake-tan orangeness that can result from most tanners.

Remember: for any kind of self-tanning, it is important to start with a smooth base (then you won’t get weird patches), so be sure to give your face a good exfoliation beforehand.

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