It’s probably pretty obvious why every girl should know how to give themselves an at least half-decent blow out. In a pinch, it works for any situation: interview, party, fancy party…you catch my drift. It takes you from 0 to sleek and professional.

It can be hard to learn (balancing a hair dry in one hand while brushing the back side of your head ain’t easy) but with time and practice, it is definitely something everyone can learn. It may never be as perfect as what your hairstylist can do (that’s why they’re pros) but it’s a good skill to have on the backburner should you ever need it.

Anna’s already broken this down for you in a tutorial–but the right tools and products are what make for a great blow out. Start by protecting your hair with heat protective shampoos and conditioners, then add in a few products to help with your hair type (i.e. volume, smoothing, etc.). Then, get a good quality (and lightweight) hair dryer with different speeds and heat levels and a natural bristle brush (gives a smoother result). Once you’ve learned how to do your own hair, you won’t need to pay your stylist to do it on the regular, or be scrambling for last minute appointments.

How does this save you $: your new skillz = less money & time spent at the hairdresser

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