Did all you Torontonians go to the Vichy Skin Health Centre this weekend? If you didn’t have your world shaken with your own UV damage photo, then I am here to help.

One look at my photo tells you all you need to know about places you are forgetting to apply sunscreen. Since this is the first (relatively) warm, sunny day we’ve had in months, this is the perfect time to start thinking about sunscreen again (though you really should be wearing it all year round, anyways).

So, anyone who takes a look at my photo can see that the parts that have darker freckles are obviously the places I am missing when I’m slathering on my sunscreen.

1. Edges of the face: Especially near my temps and my jawline.
2. Eyelids: Suncreen bottles will always tell you not to apply near the eye area, so be sure to pick up on of those sticks
3. Ears: Nobody remembers the ears, I swear. At least I never do.
4. Lips: Mine don’t look too bad, but I definitely don’t think about it. Usually the eye sticks will work for the lip area as well.
5. Neck: I really need to up my game on this one if I don’t want a turkey neck by age 30.

Other bonus areas not shown in photo:

Top of Feet
Top of Hands (they say your hands show your true age!)
Armpits (kinda gross, I know)

Since I already apply SPF 50 every morning, this year my sunscreen resolution is to try and remember these forgotten areas and force myself to reapply every time I go for a walk outside at lunch and to reapply again when I walk to the train. I’m definitely going to look into those sunscreen powders, cause I’m not sure I’m going to want to apply that much cream to my face when it’s that hot.

Also: fun fact! When you’re purchasing your ‘screen this year, be sure to check that the formula is “broad spectrum” (it should protect against both UVA & UVB rays). If you’re missing one, there is still a whole bunch of sun damage hitting your skin.

There are some really great sunscreens out there now that don’t leave a greasy finish and are super lightweight (my personal fave is Kiehl’s). I’ve included some favourites below.


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