A few of Amanda and Anna’s favourites from the famous french pharmacy line.
While Avene makes products for all skin types, their ranges are known for being perfect for super sensitive skin. Many of their products are fragrance-free and all of their products are hypoallergenic and they make many products that help relieve the symptoms of skin conditions from eczema to rosacea.
Anna’s favourites

Gentle Body Scrub: Everyone thinks to exfoliate their face, but no one thinks about their body–little scrub can work wonders in this chill weather. I’ve had this huge bottle hanging around in my shower for months, and it works great for post-shave exfoliation (which prevents ingrown hairs, ouch), gets rid of dry and flaky elbows during the winter months, my go-to scrub to ward off keratosis pilaris bumps on my arms and the perfect pre-fake tan skin primer (or post-fake tan if things didn’t turn out so well).

Cleanance Lotion: This is one of those products that I’ve always got stashed away, that I come back to every few months. It’s a staple daily moisturizer for anyone with combination, oily or acne prone skin. The non-greasy gel texture feels light and nourishing on the skin and doesn’t clog the pores.

Cleanance Purifying Mask: This one’s a great quick mask to throw on (five minutes, pfft) and will be your best friend when your face is feeling a bit irritated from breakouts, or overdoing it with the acne treatments. The grainy texture feels strange for a mask, but when it comes time to wash off, the beads work as a gentle exfoliator.

Amanda’s favourites

Xera Calm A.D: This moisturizer, named a balm by Avene, is thick and really coats the skin in a non-greasy way to totally restore moisture and quell any itching from dry skin. This is especially great for those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. This has been a god-send for me this winter since jeans can only protect my legs from windchill so much. The bottle also has a special top that keeps the cream sterile, which is important for those with eczema-prone skin.

Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream: This is a great cream for all skin types really. It has enough SPF to protect your skin from the sun and contains ingredients like Ceramides and vitamin E to prevent moisture loss. A really nice texture that absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Also available in both lighter and richer formulations.

Cold Cream: This is what they are perhaps best known for, apart from the Thermal Water. This super emollient cream is for skin that is parched.  If you skin is so dry and dehydrated, or if you are suffering from patches of eczema, this is what you need to bring your skin back to life. You can apply it either to the whole face or on dry patches.While it looks greasy at first after application, it will quickly absorb into the skin. The accompanying lip balm is also wonderful and leaves your lips looking slightly frosted.

Rich Compensating Cream: This one is intense. It even comes with a little spoon for application. While it is thick and non-greasy, this isn’t for everyone. This is for skin that is mature, very dry and dehydrated, or has maybe suffered some trauma and has cracked or suffered moisture loss. This one does, however, contain mineral oil, so if your skin is at all prone to acne, I wouldn’t suggest it.

Cold Cream Nourishing Body Lotion: This is a really nice and lighter weight body moisturizer. Absorbs quickly, fragrance-free and hydrates dry skin well. My husband really like this one to relieve itchy, dry skin (plus no fragrance = manly).

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