New to the Rouge in Love lip collection, Lip Lover is a lightweight gloss that hydrates and cares for the lips will providing buildable shine and colour.

The collection contains 21 shades based around pink. The range is separated into two categories, “Basic Chic” and “Creative Chic”: the basics revolve around nudes, beiges and light pinks and the creative delve into more vibrant shades of coral, raspberry and deep purple. Really though, all the shades are gorgeous and I’m dying to try each one.

The shade above, Rose Ballet, provides a nice sheen of pink with a hint of beige. The colour is subdued and natural while leaving a healthy, shimmery glow. Naturally, my lips are a bit darker and tend to show through light lip colours, but since the formula is sheer, the gloss mixed well with my lips, and allowed for a pink tint.

Application is smooth: the formula is non-sticky and light, not thick at all and the arrow-tipped applicator allows for precise lines. It also doesn’t highlight any flakes, so it doesn’t need an absolutely perfect base (don’t worry about pre-scrubbing). As I said, while the gloss is pigmented, it still allows your natural lip colour to come through, which would allow for many of the shades to work for every skin tone. It is also quite hydrating and leaves lips soft instead of dry.

An exciting part of this gloss is that the colour isn’t gone once the gloss has disappeared–Lip Lover contains a bi-phasic formula which allows the pigment to fall to the bottom and fuse with lips.

I also really love the packaging–it contains a see-through window which shows off the colour and the lid clicks in sort of like a seat-belt would (and creates a satisfying sound as well).

Lancôme’s “Star Shades” from the collections are Rose Attrape-Coeur, a pretty slightly peachy pink, Frambroise Etoile, a punchy raspberry and Lip Lover, a true fuschia pink.

If you’re feeling playful, Lancôme also suggests mixing and matching several of the shades to create interesting looks that can create plumped up volume (use a light shade all over with a darker shade in the corners) or contrasts (use two separate colours for the top and bottom lips).

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