If you’re in the Toronto area, you should make it a priority to drop by Vichy’s pop-up Skin Health Centre. For your skin’s good.

Regardless of whether or not you think you know what your skin type is, prepare to be a bit shocked. A Vichy expert will conduct four tests on your skin: they’ll do a patch test for skin type, measure hydration levels, look at your skin through a microscope and the most shocking one of all, the photo damage test.

My skin type was sort of what I assumed it would be: dry combination. Except, since I moisturize frequently, I thought for sure my skin wouldn’t still be dehydrated. Well, it was pretty darn low at 23.5. That surprised me. Looking through a microscope at my skin even grossed me out a bit–you can see every hair, freckle, and patches of yellow (oil). Yuck.

But nothing could have prepared me for the photo damage test. This quick photo shows all of the years of sun damage underneath your skin that hasn’t come to the surface yet. Now–I am someone who has always been pretty good about sunscreen. I’ve been wearing SPF 50 everyday for a few years now and before that I would usually get around SPF 25 in my moisturizer.

The photo on the right shows mostly my freckles and apparently my skin wasn’t bad at all. But it still really shocked me. Look at the dark spots on my neck and around my eyes! Sunscreen is important, people!

After your analysis, your Vichy expert will send your skin prescription to you and provide you with samples of the products recommended. Make sure there is a sunscreen in there (Vichy makes really great sunscreens, FYI).

The Vichy Skin Health Centre will be at the Toronto Eaton Centre until Sunday, March 30th. It is located on the lower level right outside of Forever XXI. 5 lucky winners will win their prescribed skin care routine!

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