In tune with my acne awareness theme for this week, I come to you with the best acne concealer in the game. Vichy’s Dermablend range is known for their heavy duty results, and while I wouldn’t necessaryily recommend this as a foundation, per say, it makes for the perfect concealer for pimples.

Lisa Eldridge, as usual, discovered and acclaimed this product for it’s high coverage and ability to cover hyper pigmentation and redness. For too long, I was using my under eye concealer as my overall concealer, which resulted in almost highlighted imperfections. Moral of the story; your concealer you use to cover zits, and really anything that isn’t under your eyes should match your foundation.

The combination of this stick‘s coverage, thick texture and easy to apply formula is my best bet when my face just isn’t cooperating. Lisa’s “pinpoint concealing” technique, using a small lip brush and dabbing to blend out edges, gives the best results, but for the sake of how long women actually allot to put their face on in the morning, I prefer the “school-started-five-minutes-ago-and-my-face-is-a-mess” approach and dive right in, lightly dabbing to cover each spot. Set with some powder, you can’t go wrong with this product.

–Anna Raponi

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