No one seems to know their beauty grind quite like the Koreans–most of our most coveted products were born in Korea and to be frank, Korean women are simply beautiful. From my research, these women know what’s what in the anti-aging struggle, and use makeup to play with their features. Wide-eyed, awake, soft pink lips, hyper-clear skin, these women know the tricks and to my surprise, aren’t using the seemingly overpriced variety of cosmetics we use back home. From what I’ve heard, and bought, Korea’s go-to products are drugstore-cheap, great quality and now available to the rest of the world (phew!). Sokoglam (featured on Into The Gloss) is an up-and-coming online-shop that stocks all makeup and skincare products loved in Seoul, and personally, it was refreshing looking at new products and new brands that I had never seen before.

It’s now fairly obvious why Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner is said to be every Korean’s favourite liner. The pigmentation is unreal, it doesn’t dry up, so to speak, and the pen is just all too handy. On my oily lids, I don’t think I could go as far to say that this is waterproof, but long-lasting nonetheless. It has easily taken top spot for my favourite liner thanks to it’s super precise tip, which makes for an easy cat-eye, even with a shaky hand.

Etude House Colour My Brows in Rich Brown is to this day my all-time favourite brow gel. It doesn’t flake, the colour is soft, but still effective and it holds my brows in place all day. It also doesn’t ‘spike up’ my brows as I’ve found many other gels seem to do–it give more of a bushy, Delevingne style brow that I am more than okay with. And sure, there are many close contenders readily available to the North American market, but for $8, who can complain?

And for the trendy skincare patches, Etude House’s Collagen Eye Patches are exactly what you want when you’ve got somewhere important to go and an early morning to start it off. Wash your face, throw these on, eat breakfast, and done. The cooling sensation is enough to wake me up, but the collagen really seemed to plump up and nourish my tired under-eyes. If I had time to wear these everyday before school, I totally would. 

–Anna Raponi

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