Foundation has a really shitty rep, and no one really seems to love wearing it. It’s gross to apply (or at least for me, anyways), it transfers, a lot of the time you can see it on the skin… and more or less defeats the purpose of looking like you have great skin.

Alas, I have found a foundation that manages to avoid all previous concerns AND provides medium coverage. Yes, Giorgio Armani’s Maestro is heaven on earth. I know for a fact that I’m not the first to praise this product, but I feel as if many people rule themselves out as suitable to wear this one. I was afraid it would be that “sheer” coverage that a lot of these water-thin foundations typically give. Also, I’ve got hyper-oily skin, and haven’t dared worn a foundation that doesn’t cater specifically towards keeping my skin matte. This was all until one day in which I was so grossed out by the thick and just unappealing texture and feel of a not to be named foundation on my skin–I still looked shiny and I could just see the product on top of my skin. Lo and behold, I found myself perched on the Armani chair at Holt’s testing shades on my jaw, giving into this product’s cult following. And I say ‘giving in’ because this product is like $70, but stay with me here.

It literally has the consistency of water, and applies like a dream. You can’t see it atop the skin, it completely melds in, while still giving enough coverage to completely even out my skin tone and even hide a few blemishes. It doesn’t move, it won’t get all over anything that so much as grazes the skin of your face. It’s long lasting, EVEN on my oil-slick face (wow, nice, Anna). And for those days that I’ve got some unwelcome spots harbouring around my chin and forehead, adding a layer of Maestro Eraser, also water-thin, gives me the coverage I need without the world knowing it. In my long sixteen years on this planet, I have yet to see such an undetectable foundation with such obvious results. Bravo, bravo, Giorgio.

–Anna Raponi

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