Get a good night’s sleep
It’s free, and you’ll look younger

Abbey Lee gets her beauty sleep

Sleep really helps with everything–including what you consume (as in eat). We’re obsessed with getting enough sleep–it trumps everything else. When you are well-rested, you look better and you eat less–you’re less likely to reach for everything with sugar in sight. It’s proven. Plus, you won’t need to spend as much on coffee from Starbies or cookies from Le Gourmand (though sometimes I just give in to those big, fat cookies–I’m human).

This one doesn’t require you to spend any money, but if you’d like to make your nest a little more luxurious, try changing your pillowcase (get a silk one if you really want to go for it) or put a few drops of lavender or another relaxing essential oil on your pillow case. If you have problems falling asleep, try taking a nice, hot bath with Epsom salts and oils–you’ll enter into a sleep coma in no time. You could also try a little relaxation yoga before bed, or a little meditation to calm your mind.

To avoid squashing your face into the pillow (which can contribute to wrinkles), try to sleep on your back. You can try to trick yourself into staying on your back by placing a pillow underneath your knees. Also, get into a consistent sleep routine–Dr. Oz says that this way your body’s biorhythms and hormones be will be regular.

An hour or so before bed, shut off all unnecessary lights and avoid watching television, listening to music, or going on your phone. This will start to get you mentally prepared for bed.

Try applying a few drops of lavender oil to your fingers, inhale, and massage pressure points like you temples, inside your wrists, and your neck. Lie down in bed, close your eyes and make your inhales and long as your exhales (equal counts of four). Then, start to add one extra count to each exhale, eventually doubling the length of your exhale to 8. Concentrating on your breathing will calm your mind and relax you.

We like: Aveda Stress Relief Roller, Badger Sleep Balm, essential oils, Mother’s Little Helper tea

How does this save you $: more, better sleep = a more energetic, productive you = less spent on candy and coffee urges and anti-aging products

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