In an effort to try to incorporate more natural products into my routine, I’ve tried out a few of Weleda’s star products: Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, Wild Rose Deodorant and Lavender Oil. I know what you’re thinking. Natural deodorant? Ya, right. Not to be trusted and all that.

Do you know that most deodorants and antiperspirants contain the potentially dangerous aluminum? It supposedly goes into your bloodstream after each application and is thought to be a carcinogen. I’m not sure about how much research there is on this, but it can never hurt to be careful.

I don’t, however, want to be so careful that I end up stinking. Never. Ever. Currently I am using a roll-on deodorant by Ban, that I like. It works, and I hate the usual bars from Secret and Lady Speedstick (they just get bunched up in my armpits) so I find that a liquid works best for me.

Initially, I was really, really nervous about try out the deodorant. I had even planned on putting it on one day when I had work and yoga that evening, but I chickened out and grabbed my faithful Ban at the last moment. I finally got over it this past weekend and applied it. And you know what? It won’t stop you from sweating (it’s natural to sweat, btw), but you will not stink. I wore it all weekend–through yoga, house cleaning, cooking–and yes, I did sweat (it’s natural to, remember) but I did not stink. One bit.

This is a very fragrant rose-scented spray that you apply to the armpits. It dries fairly quickly, and won’t stain your clothes. I think that the instructions say that you should reapply a few times a day, but I didn’t need to.

The almond cleanser is also a great find–it’s a very light lotion, not on the creamy side like Clinique’s Comforting Cream Cleanser, and has a slight foamy feel to it straight out of the tube. Very gentle, non-stripping, great for sensitive skins and perfect for a morning cleanse. Doesn’t really remove all makeup though, so don’t count on it getting rid of mascara.

I love the scent of lavender, I find it so soothing. This beautifully fragranced oil is perfect for baths, or what I like to do is mix in a few drops with my unscented almond oil after my shower to help lull me to sleep.

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