WHO EVER CREATED THE MAKEUP BAG? Why? I mean, ya, they’re necessary for travelling and all that jazz but in terms of getting made up at home, how is it convenient to rifle through a bag of minimum five products, albeit in a rush? And considering the cost of high-end makeup is practically 50%  for the packaging, why would you hide it? I have become fairly good at organizing and dividing my cosmetics and I’ll admit, my very open display of beauty products was very much inspired by many Top Shelfs from Into The Gloss.

For my makeup, I like my everyday, go-to products on a tray. Trays are literally cosmetics’ BFF. I get them for around $10 at Winners or at second-hand stores, and they give your set-up a very antique, luxurious vibe that is also very convenient–all your products, visible, and at your fingertips. For products that I use not-so-often, but still frequently enough to keep out, I use little containers(Amanda brought me back a Laudrée box from Paris that I hold my lipsticks in), such as tea boxes and jewelry boxes.

For the tools (brushes, q-tips, whatever you fancy), small vases, mason jars and old candle glasses are my go-to containers. At my vanity, I like to keep a small tray of bobby pins and hair elastics, and somehow my everyday rings and earrings always end up laying there too. A well-decorated vanity feels glamorous and makes it easy to get ready in a flash.
Most people display their perfumes unintentionally, and honestly, the bottles are so pretty they shouldn’t be hidden in a cupboard.

As for the bathroom, I like all of my skincare out, just like every other product I own. Cleansers stay around the sink (just makes sense), and the rest of the lot are harboured in another vintage tray. I keep cotton pads and distilled water in mason jars, and q-tips in an Aritizia candle holder. A small tray by the sink is great for leaving earrings and other jewelry before you get in the shower.

–Anna Raponi

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