The French are known for being very skin-savvy. They are known for their outstanding pharmaceutical brands (Avène, La Roche-Posay, Guinot, Klorane, Embryolisse, the list goes on and on), and for their advancements in skincare.
Joelle Ciocco is an Epidermologist, the first of her kind in the world. In France, she is the woman you want to get an appointment with (if you can afford her). She treats the faces of France’s elite, including stars like Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, TV host Alexandra Golovanoff and French Voguettes Mademoiselle Agnès and Lily Barbéry-Coulon. 
While we can’t get our own appointment with her in Paris, we can interview her for the good of everyone’s skin in the rest of the world. 
How did you get into dermatology? How is the way you treat skin different from other dermatologists? 
I never actually got into dermatology, I’m not a doctor and I don’t treat skin conditions or prescribe medication. I deal with the skin’s wellbeing, the balance of its natural protection as well as its hygiene. I supplement according to its oxidative stress which is different in every one. For all anti-aging concerns, I use cosmetics.
There is no secret to my method, it’s just good common sense. We have to take a new approach. We can no longer consider the skin with the same, dated evaluations. We now have a real knowledge of cutaneous aging and the trauma it inflicts on the skin, as well as testing of effective cosmetics and the use of several tools (laser, light, etc.) which bring about great results.
Our method is based on a new concept of EPIDERMOLOGY. People come to us for skin evaluations and we advise them on skin defence and hygiene. We satisfy each person in accordance with their specific and personal beauty needs, whether cosmetic, surgical or aesthetic medicine.
Our mission with this new concept of Epidermology is to answer every question, prepare, guide, and repair.
What do you think is the most important part of a skincare routine? (Cleansing? Moisturizing? Toning?) What is something that we can all do at home to improve our skin?
We believe that there are no bad cosmetics, just that they are often misused or unsuited to the person or their environment at the time. Sometimes they don’t correspond to the needs of the user. However, hygiene, that is to say cleansing, is very often not done correctly, not enough, too aggressively. Even a mixture of brands or products, a serum and a cream, can sometimes produce an antagonistic reaction on the skin.
What is the best way to treat skin with acne? Do you believe in following a skincare regimen? Or do you think that we should use different products every day depending on what is happening with our skin?
To improve our skin is to respect it. Our natural film is the skin’s real protection. Unfortunately is gets polluted everyday and so we have to cleanse perfectly every morning and night, purifying it in order to respect the new film. Next, protect your skin from the elements (sun, cold, wind). Use a cosmetic product for this, but don’t go crazy. For example, if you have blemishes or imperfections, you must stay away from aggressive products. These exacerbate rather than repair. We must first correct our cleansing routine, discard the anti-ageing creams or creams that are too heavy, use less oily products and do some exercise or an activity to help with stress. Avoid coca (cola) and caffeine, or drinks with stimulants in general. It’s essential that you cleanse your digestive system too with the use of draining plants. Chocolate is allowed, but not the entire bar!!!!
Products should generally be changed four times a year, with each change of season.
I’ve read that you believe that the skin has it’s own ecosystem. Can you elaborate on that?What are the best foods and activities for healthy skin?
The skin has its own INDIVIDUAL ecosystem, IT’S ITS IDENTITY! It is a very fragile membrane whose biodiversity functions according to the genetic makeup of the person, their past and their present. The interior, exterior, and the mind, all functioning as a whole. OUR SKIN IS UNIQUE TO US!
There’s that assertion that we all know: eat well, not too much meat, drink plenty of water and herbal tea, and take part in different sports activities.
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Regarding acne scars, once the skin is clear, you could visit a dermatologist. Several techniques are possible. Depending on the depth of the scarring, maybe a peeling or laser treatment would suit. However, we would be sure to personalise the treatment on a case by case basis.
Joelle’s skincare range is available online at Oh My Cream, Isabelle BellisColette and 10 Corso Como.
Very special thanks to translator extraordinaire, Ella Rogers Browne, who graciously translated Joelle’s French for this post.

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