It’s cheaper than a complete closet overhaul

It’s a New Year! New you, right?? And all that crap. Everyone goes through that post-Christmas slump of no-money January when all we really want to do is buy a new wardrobe from all the Winter clearance sales. Unfortunately, though, no money=no new closet.

But…you can probably afford between $5-$30, right? Behold the lipstick, the mini-makeover wonder! With one of these small, coloured bullets, you can revamp your look with a new lipstick. A bold, bright or dark lipstick can change everything about your outfit–including your attitude.

I find that with a red lip on, I’m way more graceful with my movements. It’s like wearing a pair of heels–you need to be more conscious of how you conduct yourself. You probably want to walk instead of run, you’re not gonna shove that lunch in your mouth, you’re going to be ladylike and use your fork.

Plus, it totally changes your outfit and adds an eye-catching detail to your face. Is that white frilly dress too saccharine? Add a dark, plum lip and now you’ve transformed into a goth angel princess (like Rooney). Does your white shirt look too “normal” and corporate yuppie? Add a bright lip to a clean, bare face (messy hair helps too) and now you’re a cool french girl.

Yes, it’s higher maintenance, but with the right application method, your perfect pout doesn’t have to budge and a tube of lipstick is wayyy cheaper than dropping your whole paycheck on the new arrivals at Aritzia and Topshop.


Lipsticks we love: Chanel, Lipstick Queen, NARS, Lancôme, Urban Decay, Aerin, Rimmel

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