And finally, my third resolution: getting my skin in shape! Hula hoop not included. No, I mean getting my skin as clear as I possibly can. This is sounding super obsessive, but I mean, like, skin is a huge part of self-confidence, at least to me. This kind of came about during the Christmas break, when I’m not so keen on putting on a ton of makeup just to lay around the house. I noticed about a week of minimal makeup that my face was looking way clearer. And come an event in which I had to finally make myself up, I realized just how obvious it was that I had face makeup on. I didn’t look like skin. It looked like makeup, and that annoyed me because my skin under it all was actually looking alright yet I was covering it up. While I can no longer lay around without makeup (school, ugh), I’ve promised to take better care of my skin. And with this resolution, I’ve opted to wear light, light coverage foundation. It’s scarier having less on, I won’t lie, but it’s better for your skin and it’s way less obvious. So let’s get into it already!

I go for Jet Peel treatments every month, as I have been doing for about four months now. Amanda’s praised these before– they essentially clear out your pores, which has benefits for EVERY single skin type. On my acne-prone oily skin, I’ve seen less discolouration and less frequent breakouts. My facialist recommended that I start IPL Photofacials along with the Jet Peels, which I start this weekend. They promise a multitude of results and also speak to many skin concerns as well– my main aim is to get rid of old acne scars and prevent future acne. It’s not a cheap monthly visit, no, but the results are obvious.

Even fancy treatments won’t work if you don’t put in your own effort. I wash twice a day, always, and I follow up with toners, serums, moisturizers, the whole she-bang. I should really do masks more often but considering I always do them right after I wash off my makeup, I’m always to tired and, well, they don’t get done. So moral of the story, with this new years resolution comes the promise to do at least one mask a week–my favourites right now are Boscia’s White Mask, The Body Shop’s Blue Corn Mask, Éminence Clear Skin Mask and the Murad Blackhead Remover. After a mask, I always follow up with Lancôme’s Généfique Serum, just because I feel like it replenishes my skin after a strong mask.

As for makeup, I’ve ditched my beloved MUFE Velvet Mat and opted for Hourglass’ Immaculate foundation. It’s super light coverage, it feels amazing on my skin (you’d think it’s a primer-foundation hybrid) and most importantly, my skin looks like skin when it’s on. For any remaining spots that need covering, I use my Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. Now, I’m aware that this concealer is like the highest coverage concealer in the universe, like industrial strength, but hear me out. I put like a tiny, tiny dot of it on the back of my hand, then I dip my finger in a just a bit of it, then start dabbing it on my hand to get it all off. Then I dab another finger into the dabbed concealer, and only then do I apply it to my face. And I’m sure you’re wondering what the fuck was the point of all that. Well I’ve got some really, really dark acne scars and they’re a pain in the ass to cover. By only using a really thin layer of the product (which I get by said process), I get only the coverage and not so much the thick texture that I think gives that cakey look. Less makeup means better skin and well, it just looks like less makeup.

–Anna Raponi

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