YES, THIS CLEANSER LOOKS LIKE LARD, but not to worry, it isn’t. It’s a hard balm that when scraped out and massage on the face, turns into an oil that effectively removes ALL makeup, every bit of it, from your face. Eye makeup easily melts away, quickly transforming you into a panda/the scary girl from the grudge.

With a wet washcloth, the dirt from your day is swept away (rhyming, yo) in a second. Perfect for a first cleanse at night. Plus, it’s unscented, so it’s perfect for you sensi gals. Another plus, it’s also cheap–$35.00 for this tub will last you months and months since you only need a very small amount. The formulation of this cleanser (which is quite stiff at first) also makes it hard to easily waste/use an excess of this product (thanks, Clinique!).

The cheapest cleanser I’ve found around town that doesn’t contain mineral oil, shea butter (bad for acne-prone skin) or parabens and it WORKS. The best.

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