I LOVE CANDLES, but my mom goes sorta crazy watching the flame flicker–her paranoia more or less defeats the purpose of the relaxing effect. And while I still love burning them out of her sight, I hate buying myself candles… most likely because the ones I like cost around a third of my paycheque (I’m a teenager, okay). So lucky for me I was gifted this room mist in a Secret Santa recently because it is AH-MAZING. It’s main notes revolve around vanilla, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not that cheap vanilla scent that you remember from your Lip Smackers, no. It’s the most beautiful tropical vanilla scent you will ever smell, trust me, and the scent lingers for about half an hour! Considering I don’t have to worry about blowing out a candle before bed (I have forgotten time to time) and I can avoid my mother’s pestering, AND it’s like the cost of three Starbucks trips, so this one is a winner. And seeing as The Body Shop carries an entire body line with this scent, I guess I’ll just have to go try those out too.

–Anna Raponi


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