Kerastase NutritiveHair needs all the protection it can get when it’s constantly being blowdried, straightened, curled etc. Unfortunately for me, a lot of heat protective products weigh down my fine, dry hair, or don’t hydrate it at all, resulting in crispy ends (not cute). Heat protection should start in the shower, not right before you turn on the blowdryer. This way, you are protecting your hair from root to tip, not just from midway down, with a bit of oil or leave-in conditioner.

Kérastase’s heat protective line is not only extremely hydrating, but it also manages to give my hair volume, resulting in soft, healthy, fluffy hair.

The shampoo is creamy and heat activated, so it continues hydrating your poor follicles under the duress of your styling tools.

I was sent a masque, not a conditioner, but I’m so glad I was. This uber-thick treatment is buttery and deeply conditions the hair, bringing any dry ends back to life. You’re left with silky, smooth and manageable hair. Plus, the wonderful thing about this masque being heat activated is that you can rinse your hair with warm water (rinsing my hair at the end of my shower with cold water to close the follicle and create shine always kills me).

Now, for this mousse. I am in love with it, but I am really, really scared that it has been discontinued. I’m hoping for everyone’s sake that it hasn’t because it creates such a smooth, voluminous blow dry, without weighing hair down. Seriously–your hair looks like it came from a shampoo commercial. Not only is it working to protect your hair, but it makes it look healthy, shiny, bouncy and amazing. It’s not sticky or heavy whatsoever, it really doesn’t feel like there is anything at all in your hair. If you can nab any remaining bottles of this on Amazon, go for it!

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