EVERYONE can use a little inner glow, especially at this time of year when we’re all lacking that sun-kissed skin. And while makeup can disguise most blemishes, I find it usually dulls that natural radiance.

I recently found the perfect face mask duo from Boscia—the Bright White mask before bed and the Luminizing Black mask in the morning are perfect before a party or a big event. The white mask deep cleans your pores and lightens dark spots, and the black mask purifies and makes your complexion look luminous. Whether you’re going through a bad skin day (or week!) or your skin is just looking blah, this combo is that pick-me-up I rely on. I slather on the mask after cleansing, leave on for 20 minutes, peel off, and then finish up with toner and moisturizer. I see immediate brightness in my skin and this pair will make your face glow even through your makeup.

P.S. You can get all three of Boscia’s masks right now for $46.
–Anna Raponi

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