A red lip can be scary to wear out, and the best advice I can give you is to apply a long-wearing formula and start with super-perfected skin. However we all know very well that this is easier said than done, and this is the perfect time of year to recreate the classic, glamorous red lip look. Hourglass, who really seems to be hitting all the right notes these days, has got the perfect recipe for an easy holiday face that is both long lasting and basically does all of the work for you. 
The Immaculate Foundation is god-send–the formula feels like a gel moisturizer, the coverage is light but buildable, and it controls oil while looking natural, what more could ya ask for?! I apply just using my fingers, working it into the skin and down the neck to neutralize any discolouration or redness. Oh, and this thing has a pump dispenser, which is any makeup-wearers best friend.
Now this is where I was taken aback. The Ambient Lighting Powders were kind of a mystery–I was totally convinced they were highlighters until I was faced with the shade Diffused Light in my very own hands. After some playing around (and a little reading), I can tell you that 1. they aren’t highlighters and 2. you need to get your hands on one (or all) of these compacts! They basically control how light hits your skin, creating your own personal lighting that is most flattering while setting your foundation and/or concealer. Genius! Diffused Light is perfect for the entire face, while Radiant Light would work great along the cheekbones and Mood Light on the apples of the cheeks. It’s almost like some extra coverage that’s got your back no matter which light and is super photogenic.
Now for the film star lip. Don’t psych yourself out before you give me a chance here. This is no doubt the easiest red lip you’ll find. Start will some lip balm (you can also do a little lip liner), then using the flexible wand, apply Icon straight to your pout. This method gives max precision and intense colour, and once it’s dried, it’s not moving. Seriously. Finish with a swipe of mascara, even a feline flick if you’re so inclined and ta-da! You’re ready for the red carpet (or office Christmas party).
–Anna Raponi


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