I love metallic makeup (it’s the ex-figure skater in me), especially eyeshadows, but they aren’t always the easiest to pull off in everyday life without looking over the top. Now that the holidays are coming, we have a bit more of an excuse for glittery golds, silvers and bronzes, but wearing them in an understated way can be fun and unexpected.

When I first saw Aerin’s gold eyeliner from their winter collection, I immediately fell in love with it. This product is the key to making an everyday subtle, brown eye into something with a bit more sparkle. After applying a few of the brown shades from Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, and applying some brown eyelineralong the top lash, I lined my waterline and tight line with the gold pencil, taking it all the way to the inner corners of my eye. This trick draws attention to the eye, without looking obvious.
Although not a traditional metallic colour, I applied Lipstick Queen’s Red Metallipstick, from their new metallic lipstick collection. It’s the perfect holiday red infused with a metallic, pearlescent glow to kick the regular red lip up a notch. It leaves a pretty satin shine, so no gloss needed!

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