These two products are a match made in heaven.

As you already know, Anna has completely switched over to Eminence’s all-natural products for her teenage acne-prone complexion.

Unfortunately for me, at the age of 25, I now suffer from adult acne. What was once a completely clear face 24/7 became a hormonal acne nightmare for me after turning 23. Out of nowhere.

This past week, I had a terrible break out due to the time of the month, and from eating a few bad things (who can resist brownies at a sleepover? or homemade macaroni and cheese? Dairy + Sweets + Hormones=  The Devil, unfortunately). I really felt like nothing at all was working. I had all these pimples and under the skin bumps, and it seemed like nothing was coming to a head. I even wore next to no makeup all weekend to really let my skin breathe.

So, I emulsified the masque with a few drops of water and mixed in a few drops of the booster, and lo and behold, a few of the bumps disappeared, some of the pimples came to a head, and much of the redness was gone.

The masque itself is a concoction including cucumber, yogurt, Kaolin clay and tea tree oil, that when applied, creates an intense, cooling sensation on the skin. When combined with the Willow Bark Booster, calming and exfoliating benefits are added to help clarify the skin. The serum can also be used under moisturizer daily, or whenever your skin needs an extra kick in the butt.

These two products are available at the Oakville Beauty Institute, either on their own or as part of the Clear Skin Starter Set. They are also available individually in our shop.

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