Angelina Jolie has been a beauty icon for two decades now–her high arched eyebrows, voluptuous lips and impeccable bone structure… ya, ugh. And while she is one of the most beautiful almost-fourty year olds I can think of, I’m sort of obsessed with young Angie, like 90’s Angie. Her look was simple, but never boring. The plummy shades she gravitated towards totally encompass the tonal look of the nineties (see; Bobbi Browns Teenage Beauty Book), and I think this look would be great on almost everyone.

While I’m sure Angelina was blessed with naturally-flawless skin, if you need a little coverage, go for a natural finish foundation with medium coverage. The look is a little frosty, so make sure that your shade is spot on. If needed, do a little pin-point concealing (as Lisa Eldridge would say) with a concealer matched to your foundation shade. A little shadow under the eyes is totally acceptable, so finish off by setting everything with a translucent powder–this look has that ultra-matte porcelain doll finish.

Well, thank goodness we have moved past the super skinny brows of the 90’s (especially the tadpoles)! These are the high point of the look (I seriously crack myself up sometimes). Grab a pencil that’s around the same colour of your brows (though you can totally go a few shades darker), and start off by working on making the most of your natural arch. Ideally, you want to get it as high as possible without looking ridiculous, so you take it as far as you’d like. Fill in the rest of the brow, accentuating the ends just a tad downwards to really frame your eyes.

Speaking of framing the eyes, Angie uses plummy tones to define her stunning emerald eyes. Start with a skin-toned matte shadow across the lid, then blend a sheer violet shade into your natural crease, being careful to keep the colour away from the lash line. With a black liquid liner, do a classic line starting right from the inner corner, thickening as you move outwards. Though not entirely necessary, finish off with a light layer of mascara.

A berry pink powder blush will work great at both giving you a flush and a little contour–make a ‘3’ shape with your brush, from the apples of the cheeks up and around to the sides of the forehead, then down the jawline.

A wash with Bumble’s Surf Shampoo/ Conditioner combo with give enough texture to make this simple look more interesting. Once dried, straighten with a flat iron to get a super-sleek finish. Oh yah, don’t forget the Brad Pitt-esque middle part (once again, I should seriously do stand-up).

Now you just need to score a few badass movie roles and sport some very on-trend grunge pieces. She was/is the epitome of ‘cool girl’ if there ever was one.

–Anna Raponi

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