On my ever-growing list of beauty maintenance (pores, hair, fingernails, cellulite, hell, even our asses need some beauty upkeep), I know at least for myself that teeth were never really a concern. Until now. See, I never got braces, and my teeth were always just… there. They’re decently straight, not particularly white, but I never gave them a second look. But as I started wearing lipstick more and more often, I started to realize how not pearly my whites were. Of course, Amanda had just the cure–she told me she had received these whitening things from Glo that she didn’t need (she has super straight, white teeth, le sigh). 

I, as per usual, did not read any instructions before applying a huge glob of this gel to my chompers, only to realize that this stuff not only tastes like fluoride-eqsue shit (in large quantities), but is also meant to be used sparingly. I thought that you were meant to use one vial per use, however upon reading the instructions (after, of course, I opened the vial), I learned that each vial supplies three to four uses(!). The instructions also read that one should use the whitener twice a day, everyday. Oh, and it comes with a handy lip balm to pair with the product. For fifteen minutes, you can’t eat, drink, kiss, no nothing. After it absorbs, and you’re off to the races. I admit that I can’t use this stuff twice daily–I’m afraid it’ll weaken my teeth and I’m a huge baby and can’t handle the subtle chemical taste twice a day. Nonetheless, I’ve seen results even just using this stuff 2-3 times a week. Like seriously, my teeth have never looked so white. For a super effective whitening that doesn’t involve a trip to the dentist, I’d say these are where it’s at.

–Anna Raponi

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