Let me clear up the most common make up perplexity that everyone failed to inform me of until I learned it the hard way. You can rarely wear a lipstick solo. I mean, I guess it also depends on your lips, but most lipsticks will feather around the edges (like so) and it’s totally not the look most of us are going for. I don’t know about you, but I want a precise, clean edge to the pigment– unless of course you’re doing a stain or whatever. So if any of you have tried a wine shade unaccompanied, you know better than anyone that that is the last time that will be happening. Why? Well these dark hues tend to bleed even more, and when we’re working with a dark purple, these blurry-looking edges aren’t so flattering. I’ve tried a few lip liners in my day (ha), and I’ve found that no one does a great basic liner like MAC does. The hardness of the product gives maximum precision while delivering strong, strong colour. The shade Currant will work great paired with any deep hue of your liking. I’ve found that too many lip liners are just too creamy and almost act as another lipstick. Don’t fool around, settle down with one of these trusty pencils. You can use it under your lipstick as per usual, you can play with your lip shape, or even wear it alone (filled in completely, obviously… well… to each their own)– it will be much sturdier this way. I don’t go a vampy-mouthed day without it!
–Anna Raponi


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