Just before my last haircut I was feeling super blah about my hair. I know I can’t really do that much to change it since my hair is naturally very fine and curly, so no bangs, no short cuts, etc. etc.

After a few years of mostly blowing it out every time I showered, I figured, why not be a bit lazy and let my hair run wild again; get a bit curly? Well, turns out I forgot how to manage curly hair, which ended up in my first attempt looking poodle-esque, I was even called Curly Sue at work. Fun.

Anyways, while I was grilling my hairstylist for hair tips and advice (she has fine, curly hair as well), she suggested trying out either Kérastase’s Boucles d’Art mousse or their Spray à Porter sea salt spray. I opted for the Boucles d’Art because it is a very lightweight foam and my hairstylist assured my it wouldn’t feel like I had product in my hair (I absolutely HATE the feeling of product in my hair).

As per her recommendations, I didn’t wrap a towel around my head as soon as I got out of the shower. Instead, while your hair is soaking wet, gently run a wide-toothed comb through your hair (I do this already while the conditioner is soaking in), and add a little hair oil to the ends. Then grab your mousse and apply a pump of the product per section, taking care to apply a little more around the face. Don’t be afraid of using too much and getting crunchy mousse hair à la 90’s, this stuff won’t do that. I personally just make a very voluminous half-ponytail with an embarassing yellow claw clip at this point and let it air dry until I go to bed. However, my hairstylist suggested that you could always create some curls with your fingers, secure them with a jaw clip, then go to sleep on them–I would maybe only recommend this for girls with less curly hair, it would make for an uncomfortable sleep.

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