If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past three years of high school, it would be that adults really have no idea the stress we teens are put through. Between the long hours of school/homework (thus resulting in the lack of free time), pressure to get extremely high grades (getting into university has become more and more competitive these days), maintain somewhat of a fitness routine, squeeze in a few extra-curriculars (ahem, like writing for a blog) and, you know, having somewhat of a social life, it’s super hectic and we get like, no credit. And with said angsty years comes the all too wonderful bundle of swinging moods, acne and those awkward years that mysteriously have disappeared from all social networking sites (untagging is my best friend). Anyways, what I’m getting at here is that it’s been a hella frustrating ordeal in terms of my face over the past, I guess, four to five years. I remember as a kid my face was always dry and chapped. As I started breaking out, I experimented with many, many products and somehow ended up with extremely oily skin for a good three years. I honestly thought that I was just one of the unfortunate few with this skin type and somewhat found ways to cope with the shiny days–until about a month and a half ago, when God blessed me with an angel, in the form of a middle-aged Polish facialist who had better skin than yours truly (a good 30 years younger).
Amanda and my mom got their first jet peels and were completely wowed by the results. My mom’s facialist, Tanya, said that the jet peel would work great on my acne-prone skin, so my mom was more than willing to bring me in (thank God). Yada yada yada, Amanda’s already told you about the jet peel.
Tanya arranged that I would come in every two weeks for a total of  five jet peels, then we’d try some laser to remove the scarring. She set me up with a whole new regimen, which I was very apprehensive towards. I hadn’t heard much about the all-natural brand, Éminence, that the spa used/sold (and I mean all-natural, every single one of their products sounds like you could eat it–and you probably could). Amanda had heard good things, and quite frankly, what I was doing wasn’t working (a prescriptive called Tactuo). Not only has my skin really calmed down since switching gears, but I can’t even classify my skin as oily anymore. It’s normal (!). This may not sound like very much but let me tell you, when your normally high-maintenance face requires no touch-ups 5 hours in, you know something great has happened.

The cleanser smells super herby and I’m not so into that, but it’s gentle and I use it at morning and at night. Same goes for the moisturizer–morning and night, last step. Tanya also recommended the Yonka Emulsion Concentrée, which you need to dilute with distilled water (50:50) unless you prefer to have no skin at all–I use this in the mornings, post-wash. At night, I use Peter Thomas Roth’s Glycolic Toner instead, which is a little stronger and exfoliates non-abrasively. When I’m feeling particularly diligent or I have something important the following day, I’ll treat my self to some Généfique face and eye serum at night following my toner. Oh, and once a week I use the Clear Skin mask (also smells like a hippy) to give my skin a little kick. That’s it. The combination of the facials and the products have not only done heaps in clearing my skin, but have also faded a lot of the marks from old breakouts. Ya, the regimen isn’t the most pocket-friendly, but when we’re talking about your skin, particularly your face, how you feel about it is so important. And honestly, sometimes you just need a new perspective on your approach.

–Anna Raponi

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