If there’s anything I’ve learned from being a beauty addict, it’s that this stuff don’t come cheap. Paying $60 for a foundation that you will literally wash down the drain in about ten hours is kind of a painful thought, but of course it’s how the makeup makes us feel that matters.

So you’ve got a brand-spankin’ new blush that you’ve been eyeing for a few months. You’re dying to wear it out, but you haven’t got the right brush. You then realize that good brushes cost almost double what the blush costed, and well, you’re bummed. Well how about a brush, which ya, ain’t cheap, but will go across the board for most of your makeup needs (minus the eyes)?. Make Up For Evers #122 has got us covered. This brush is so soft, like so, so soft. The two distinctly different lengthed bristles give a light finish, and are ideal for blending, be it your liquid/powder foundation, blush, bronzer, mattifying powder you be the judge. The fibres don’t shed when you’re washing, and while this is kinda irrelevant, I love how you can’t see the colour on the bristles, unlike the typical black and white duo-fibre brushes. This brush is part of their Artisan collection, one of 76 styles that have been quality tests 50 times before it touches your face. Yes, an investment, but well worth it.

–Anna Raponi

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