Quite honestly, I’ve probably worn nail polish about 3 times in the past two months. And with my super-short nails and my tiny hands, it’s kind of a necessity. But with work and really just a lack of time, I haven’t really been able to polish those suckers. Not too long ago we were sent this apparently black lacquer from Lancôme, and truthfully, I kind of overlooked it. I mean, it’s just black (the actual shade is Grey Lumière but we can all agree, it’s black). Little did I know that it would become one of my favourites for the season.

Why? Ya, I’m love all the wine shades this fall (and what seems like every fall…), but in terms of removal, I can’t just swipe it off and go. We all know the “I just killed someone” residue of red-toned polishes. And since I can’t have my nails done at work, I need a polish that’s easy-come-easy-go. Which leads me to the fabulous brush. It’s one of those not-too-flimsy, wider brushes that just seems to coat the nail faster and easier. 

Now for the colour. It literally looks like a dull black in the bottle. I was completely fooled by it’s seemingly boring colour. Because it’s a completely not boring colour. When I wore it, I noticed that in some lighting it had a burgundy hue, then in different light it looked a bit like a really dark emerald shade and then sometimes it even had a blueish sheen. I mean how cool is that?! And to top it off, it’s thick formula lasts exceptionally long and dries exceptionally quickly. It’s now my go-to varnish for autumn, because it goes with everything and it’s such great quality. How’s that for a plain ol’ black?

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