You can barely pry yourself from your bed when your alarm goes off and you consider faking a bad case of the stomach flu for the day. You cannot for the life of you pick an outfit that you haven’t worn for the billionth time and isn’t being washed as we speak. Your hair just isn’t working.
We’ve all been there. Those days that you just want to curl up in a ball and forget about your ever-growing list of problems; be it your skin, your deadlines, your body, you name it. 
A few weeks back, my skin was just looking and feeling awful, and I was just not having it. I was breaking out all over my chin, forehead, and outer cheekbones. I had a few of those cystic spots too–you know, the really deep ones that hurt like a bitch and take what seems like forever to clear. No makeup could cover this mess, and what I did have on just wasn’t sitting well. All week I used a concoction of acids, clays and exfoliants on my congested epidermis, and most likely made the problem way worse this way–*hint* completely dehydrating your skin will NOT get rid of acne or oil, it will only add to the problem. I figured it was about time to throw in the towel, to admit that maybe, just maybe, I don’t know everything (though I definitely like to think I do sometimes). I took to the internet (surprising, I know) to find some much-needed knowledge. 
I believe I discovered the superpowers of turmeric in a comment on Into The Gloss. A commenter said she would use the spice in a face mask to help tame her acneous, oily skin. After a good fifteen minutes googling this indian spice, discovering that it is, in fact, not only great in your curry, but also your best friend when your skin is having a meltdown. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which are quite necessary when you have slathered on anything and everything that makes your skin sting (I know–it sounded like a good idea at the time). It’s also a non-abrasive exfoliant, which can help unclog your pores when you’re just feeling stuffy (especially when the weather is smoggy). 
Ya, ya, it’s great, we get it, but how do we use it? Well, turmeric face masks are easy to make, require products that are probably sitting in your kitchen, and will actually show results. For drier skin, sprinkle a good dash of turmeric into your greek yogurt (which is a great, natural moisturizer) and slather onto your face for 10-20 minutes. If you’re like me (my sincerest condolences), and your skin is on the oilier side, make a paste of honey and turmeric and apply to your problematic face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse (which is easier said than done with this alternative). Honey is antibacterial, which is great in treating acne, while nourishing your confused skin (and soul). 
So grab a cup of tea, a good read and your face mask, and try to salvage what’s left of your horrible day.
Anna Raponi


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